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What is Organic farming

Organic farming is not just a procedure; it is a lifestyle, a healthy, and most needed one. It not only keeps you healthy but also helps you to save the earth (soil) and promotes a healthy ecological system that sutains itself on rich soil. Organic farming is a traditional practice to grow crops and food that includes no GMOs, harmful chemicals, and substances. It is a proven traditional practice to grow crops and food that resists pests and diseases. Farmers who practice organic farming follow the methods of rotating crops, deploying beneficial insects, cow manure, and plant wastes to the soil — thus making Organic Farming need of an hour.

About Ecomytra

Ecomytra Organics, we stand for a healthy life. We stand for your health and well being.

The food you consume plays a major role in building your physical and mental health, there should be no compromise made in the quality. Unfortunately, in towards world a huge portion of the food we consume is laced with harmful pesticides and are filled with GMOs, such food is not only harmful but also life-threatening. Ecomytra Organics comes up with a solution for this. ORGANIC FOOD.

Bringing a wide range of organics products that are free from all types of harmful pesticides, chemicals, colors and anything that harms your body. Our aim is simple, to provide the healthiest and premium quality food to the masses. From the fields where traditional cultivation is practiced coming straight to your kitchen. Switch to organics today, live a healthier life forever.