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Organic Premium Basmati Rice

he word "basmati" actually comes from the Hindi words "bas" and "mati," which translates to "aromatic." Basmati rice has gained popularity due to its pleasant aroma. It contains vitamins and minerals, fiber, carbs, protein, which has way less fat than most rice and is generally a healthier option. This rice contains up to 20% more fiber; a single serving contains 21% of the recommended daily magnesium intake and 6% of the daily suggested iron intake. Basmati rice contains a small amount of protein, which is perfect for anyone on a vegetarian diet. It is high in good carbohydrates and a healthy amount of fiber. All of these vital nutrients equal out to a balanced diet and fantastic health benefits that go a very long way.


•    It's Diabetes-Diet Friendly
•    A Great Digestion/Constipation Aid
•    Ability To Prevent Cancer Cell Formation
•    It Can Lower Blood Pressure

Rs. 140/-


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