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About Ecomytra

About Us

Ecomytra Organics, we stand for a healthy life. We stand for your health and well being.

The food you consume plays a major role in building your physical and mental health, there should be no compromise made in the quality. Unfortunately, in towards world a huge portion of the food we consume is laced with harmful pesticides and are filled with GMOs, such food is not only harmful but also life-threatening. Ecomytra Organics comes up with a solution for this. ORGANIC FOOD.

Bringing a wide range of organics products that are free from all types of harmful pesticides, chemicals, colors and anything that harms your body. Our aim is simple, to provide the healthiest and premium quality food to the masses. From the fields where traditional cultivation is practiced coming straight to your kitchen. Switch to organics today, live a healthier life forever.

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to make organic foods available for the masses. Organic foods are costlier due to them being cultivated with extra care and cautiously. We plan to make them available to everyone at a cost where nobody has to think twice before buying. Because your health is wealth, Cut cost, not health.

Our Mission

Making India healthy by providing premium organic products. Because a healthy stomach is a healthy mind that leads to progress and development Our products come straight from the organic farms with no adulteration, no GMO, and free from all the harmful pesticides.

Why Choose Us?

Ecomytra has over 100 + organic products waiting for you to be consumed. Before we pack them in the safest packages, they come from organic farms, farms that are free from all sorts of harmful chemicals that lead to life-threatening diseases. Our farmers practice traditional farming practice, which ensures healthy and premium quality food.

Our Team

Kapil Kiyawat

CEO- Director

Experienced. Youthful. Dynamic
With a Masters in Business Management and over a professional experience of more than 20 years, he has lived various markets and their demands. He looks after the entire operations of Ecomytra that leads to the smoother functioning of the company. With rich experience and knowledge in organics, Kapil Kiyawat aims to make the organic products available to the masses.

Yash Dubey

Founder - Director

Young. Enthusiastic. Proficient
Yash Dubey founded Ecomytra in 2015 to provide the best quality food to the people. After understanding the effects of the harmful chemical-laced food, he decided to start an initiative to reach out to people and to spread awareness regarding organic products. What could be better than providing them with the best? With his brainchild Ecomytra, Yash Dubey promises to deliver the best.

Nivedita Sardesai


Spiritual. Insightful. Organized
( Bhagvat Gita Preacher and Life Coach) Nivedita Sardesai, also known as Narayani Mataji, is not just the director of the company but also a strong pillar and a spiritual guide for the team. Her guidance and motivation has resulted in positivity and "always forwards" functioning of the company. She is a person with grass-root level knowledge of the organics and believes in the upbringing of the culture and values regarding eating right and healthy.